Monday, May 21, 2018

Transfers: Staying in Nichupte!

Heelllllooooo everyone!!

Wow, this week passed by SO FAST. The biggest news is that yesterday Arturo was baptized!!! He was such a golden investigator! We were a little worried because after he came out of the water he had a random cramp in his arm and was in a lot of was weird. BUT he called us and said that he was so grateful and that even though his arm hurt, he could feel the spirit and he felt so good! He also confessed that he is afraid of water, but not anymore, obviously. Haha. It was funny and we are just grateful his baptism was special for him.

One of my most spiritual experiences this week was when Guadalupe had her baptismal interview. She expressed some concerns and questions that she has, and we each took turns answering her questions. First, the presidents asistants (who are in our ward) answered, with a ton of power but she still wasn´t conviced. Then, my amazing companion answered....and she still seemed unsure. And then I just testified and shared what I had learned in my study in the morning. I could feel the spirit working through me and all of my doubt disappeared. She was quiet for a few seconds, and then she said, okay. You guys are right. And she passed her interview!! Whew! 

We also found a golden treasure, our cute neighbor hermana sebastiana was showing us pictures from her kids missions, and the last photo happened to have a family that is a good friend of my companion! The world is so tiny. 

I don´t have much time, but I know that this church is true! I know that baptism is the only way to be clean and to return with God! Every week we go to church, we are renewing that covenant and we are taking the name of Christ upon us. A mindblowing talk about the sacrament is from D. Todd Christofferson, from October 2017. I recommend it highly!!! 

I love you guys and I hope that you are all doing wonderfully! 

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Unicorns Rule the World!

Hello everyone!!!

Happy Late Mothers day!! I hope it was wonderful for all of you missionaries and misisonary families. It was such a blessing to be able to see my fam bam in person, and remember that we are a bunch of crazy gringos. :) I love you guys! 

This week was fantastic, we got to see some real progress in our investigators. We are teaching a family of 4 young girls, teens and "tweens" and they are adorable but also OBSESSED with unicorns. And Pandas. I don`t know if this unicorn obsession has swept the united states, but it has hit mexico hard! It was crazy because we played a game to teach apostasy and literally every one used and example with unicorns. The sentences gradually went around changing and we cracked up at the end with the crazy results of our apostasy. 

On another note, I have realized that I have gradually become afraid of dogs. I love dogs, but I have heard one too many stories about missionary dog bites. Every time we see a perro, I kind of just switched sides with my companion and she bullied me about it, haha. But I found a solution! I was reading in Nephi and there is are part where he says Touch me not!! Because I am full of the power of God." And now everytime we pass a dog, I say that and we crack up. But it really does help! That´s the way the scriptures help in every circumstance. 

We are fighting to have a weekend full of baptisms!! Please please please pray that everything turns out well! Our investigators are so prepared and I know that the can do it! 

I just want to thank my Mom for being so amazing, patient, loving, and for always worrying just enough to keep me safe! Moms are the best and there is a reason we celebrate them and skype them! I`m so grateful for her and that she lets me serve. :) Congrats to all the moms out there! We made bracelets for the relief society here and it was crazy trying to get them done on time, but it was worth it. We put a little quote saying that the greatest calling in this life is that of a mother! And I know that is true! 

I love you guys so much and I`m grateful for all the support! My challenge today is to read a scripture, but to just read one verse and pick, it apart. Analize it like crazy and think about what God really wants to tell you! 

Have a wonderful week!
Hasta luego, 
Hermana Schwartz

flower earings
El Libro de Mormon!
cita con la Familia Schwartz

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

I Met Frida Khalo

Hey everyone! This is gonna be short because my computer doesn´t want to cooperate, but this week was great! 

We had a ward activity that was COCO themed to talk about family history! Our investigator is an engineer and he saved the movie from technical difficulties, a member came dresed as Frida Kahlo and we had a skeleton dressed as Hector from the movie. Everyone talked about thir traditions and it was a blast. Someone even brought a bald dog! Good times. 

We also truly saw results from fasting! We prayed to know who we should keep teaching and the people who came to church on sunday truly have potential. we are super excited to be working in this area! 

Happy mother's day this week and I hope that it´s a wondrful day, especially for all you missionaries and misssionary moms! 

Sorry for the typos, I love you all!! Have a wonderful week!

Hermana Schwartz

Sunday, May 6, 2018

King Lamoni

Hey everyone!!!

Wow wow wow time is flying by! This week was awesome, we had a conference with 3 zones and I was in shock because I haven´t seen so many missionaries all together in a few months. It was awesome! We learned that one of the greatest sins that we all suffer is.......apathy! Or laziness, basically. It´s so true! We all asked ourselves, "Do I really care about the salvation of our investigators" It as a deep question and I feel so much more motivated to help these people! 

Arturo is an amazing investigator and it is so awesome teaching him! He lives right in front of us, so we dont have to go super far to have his lessons, lol. He came to church on sunday and enjoyed it! Please pray for him por favor! His baptismal date is coming up! :D

The craziest thing that happened this week was that we were just casually visiting people with a member, and we said a prayer to know who to visit. We turned around and tlaked to the first people we saw. It was a nice lady, her son, and another lady that is currently looking for a new apartment. We were talking, we sang a hymn to bring the spirit, and the lady stood up kinda fast and PASSED OUT in the arms of my companion! And casually, there happened to be like, 5 police trucks that passed by in this very moment! It was crazy. But she regained consciousness and we decided to make our escape....and she started asking for the book of mormon we had given her before her faint! She´s reading it and is our future investigator! We called it a King Lamoni experience because she literally fell to the earth dominated by the spirit! Crazy stuff. 

We are working hard, seeing miracles, and enjoying the heat! This week we got some rain, too. I´m so grateful for the good members and for their desires to help in the work! We are sooooo excited for our mission activity this week! It´s gonna be a mexican fiesta with the movie coco! NOT for 5 de Mayo because that isn´t a thing here.....but it´s going to be muy mexicana y muy fun. 

Love you all so much! Have a wonderful week! 

ps this is the forbidden fruit, I¨m pretty sure. It´s so weird looking! 

Monday, April 30, 2018

There's a Mouse About the House!

Hey everyone!

We´ve got some good stories from the mish this week! First of all if you want to hear a funny story, read the following paragraph. If not, feel free to skip. 

We had the heeby jeebies ALL WEEK because last monday I heard rustling in the garbage can and a mouse ran out! I screamed and then my comp screamed, and our cute neighbor that lives below us came upstairs to check on us. But it was too funny, because she tapped on the window and I turned around and saw her cute little old lady face in the window but I freaked out and screamed again!!! hahah she was just like, "Misioneras! Que les pasó!" And we were like.....there´s a mouse!! But we couldnt find the little guy. SOooooo as the week went on we kept finding little evidences of a mouse in the house, but we didn´t see him again. Until last night. We were casually eating leftover pizza when we heard scurrying sounds. We realized that he was in a box of food on top of our fridge, and we trapped him in pot. Then we put the pot in a bag. And then our neighbor came uptsairs again because (obviously) we were screaming a lot. (Hahah!) And she stepped on the box in the bag and put an end to our mouse drama!! It was so crazy. Now the house feels so 

But apart from the mouse adventure, this week was awesome because our investigators RECOGNIZED THE SPIRIT. Yes!!! We found Vicente this week, and he is so great. He´s in the middle of a messy divorce, but he is so sensitive to the spirit. Even though he doesn´t believe in Heavenly Father, he came to church and he said, "I felt something here today. I don´t know what it is...but I felt it here. I´d like to come back next week."Aww it was so great. He´s just super challenging to teach because he is very logical and he doesn´t have a lot of faith...but we´ll just keep working on it little by little. 

Arturo is our other investigador and he is so golden! We found him because he helped us lift our heavy suitcases the day we had transfers. We finally got around to contacting him, and he accepted a baptismal date! And he read MORE than the chapter in the Book of Mormon we assigned. I´m so proud of him. He said he was super nervous to go to church, but he prayed and the whole time he felt at peace. Even though he normally is really nervous in new situations. I´m so grateful that God answered his prayer! 

We also had a funny experience where the Elders told us that we should go look for a niña that didn´t get baptized a few months back. They couldn´t remember her name, but we dropped everything to go look for her. When we got there, we met her and realized that we had her as the next investigator to search on our list from our area book! It was so cool. And she also went to church. She got all dressed up super cute and hopefully she can be baptized soon! 

I love being with Hermana Baeza, it´s a constant party. We play basketball, we go out to run in the mornings (I am getting fit! Ooh, ahh.) And we pray with real intent to be able to see miracles! It´s been a great week. 

a spiritual thought that I had yesterday was that Jesus Christ loves us so much, individually. If I were the only person on the earth that needed to be saved, he would suffer and die for my sins. We need to repent to be able to apply this priceless gift in our lives. :) 

I know that this church is true! Thanks for all your love and support! Remember that our Savior knows and loves you! Wherever we are, and whoever we´re with, we are there for a reason! 

Love you all! Have a great week!

hermana Schwartz

Happy Birthday to My Madre!

Hey everyone! Birthday shoutout to my mami!!! Her birthday is this week whoooo!

I`m back in Cancun in the area of Nichupté, and it is AWESOME. The members are so helpful!! And when I say helpful I mean that some of them have giant Tamale restaurants and they give us free tamales! And they acompany us in lessons, give great references, and are so sweet! I love them already and I am just starting to get to know them. 

I don`t have much time, but highlights from this week were being in Trio for 2 days, a rocking leadership camp, hosting a small army of missionaries in our house as everyone got accomadated in their transfers, seeing a puppy be born! (we had the honor of choosing his was going to be "Elder" but it was weird so we named him "Kiddo"." And I also tried sushi for the first time in my life! It is DELICIOUS. My life has been changed. 

I met the hilarious Hna Davila, who is like our norteña mom. She`s awesome. Our ward mission leader is her 18 year old son, so that`s different. He´s really good though, he helps a lot with the work. 

I love being back in cancun and getting back in the swing of things! The city is very different but it`s fun. We are talking to everyone and we were able to find some new investigadores, Diana and Angel! 

I love you all so much! Hope you have a great week! Think about what the impact of the restauration has been personally for you. :) 

Until next week, 
hermana Schwartz!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Easter Egg Hunts and TRANSFERS!

Hola hola everybody!

Wow, this transfer flew by quick! Today our mission president called and gave the exciting news that....I am leaving my beloved Playa! I loved this area but it is time for a change. My next area will be in Cancun with Hermana Baeza! She is amazing, I was already with her once in a trio and it was seriously a blast. I´ll send pictures of her next week. She speaks english and has perfect eyebrows, and is an amazing missionary. :) It should be fun. 

This week we kept busy doing exchanges with the hermanas, and it was so fun to get to know Hermana Garzón and Hermana Rios working with each one of them for a day. They are super sweet. We put together an easter egg hunt, which basically nobody knows what it is here, for the Relief Society and the primary kiddos. It was crazy! We hid 99 eggs in the church and the person that found the most won a prize. The kids ran around like locos, but the winner was a sweet older sister that carefully went around, checking high and low, and found 17 paper eggs. It just goes to show that slow and steady really does win the race. :) 

We then talked about the real reason for Easter, the resurrection, and of course we did a nice plug for missionary work and asked for references. 

Even more fun than the Easter egg hunt was that we found new people to teach this week! Whoohoo! It´s the best feeling ever. We passed by one day with a family that has never let us in before, but we didn´t want to give up on them. The son opened the door and let us in, and we sang I am A Child of God. From there, everything changed and the mom became super receptive! She and her 4 kids are our new investigators and they are pretty great. We just need to help them go to church and progress. 

We also found a sweet lady that is looking for the true church! She offered such a sweet, sincere, prayer at the end of the lesson. Sometimes we find people, we drop them, or we get transfered, but the good news is we are always trying to plant little seeds. 

We are very stoked for the Stake activity that is going to be tonight. "Meet the Book of Mormon Prophets." We are bringing the scripture stories to life and presenting the video of Christ in the Americas. Hopefully it turns out cool! We spent these last few nights making "armor" out of cardboard and tin foil for Helaman. The primary kids are going to be his army of stripling warriors....we´ll see how it turns out and I¨ll send pics next week. 

I´ve been studying lately in the New Testament, reading with the Topical guide to learn about Christ. It´s been really cool and I highly recommend it! It´s a challenge from Russell M. Nelson. Who knows how long it will take me to finish, because there are a ton of pages! But that´s the goal. 

I know that christ lives and that he is our savior! He has the power to forgive our sins. He already paid the price! I know that his Atonment is real and that we can apply it in any circumstance. 

Love you all so much! Hope you have a a great week! 
hasta luego,
Hermana Schwartz

ps the tombstone is for an Elder that finishes his mission this week. We left it on his porch as a nice friendly "surprise" to congratulate him for his "death." And yummy enchildadas. :)