Saturday, June 17, 2017

Adios, Tizimin Dos....

.......y hola Cancun!

Yep, I´m going to be transfered to a ward in Cancun! It´s called Kulcucan. I can only hope that I´m spelling it right, haha! It´s going to be way exciting because it´s basically the complete opposite of Tizimin. It´s a small farming community here, and Kulcucan is the big city. I´m excited to have a change and start working in a new area! I know that the people there need the gospel and that this message can bless their lives. My new companion is Hermana Christianson from West Jordan, Utah.

But this week was a little sad because we basically just visited the members to say goodbye. We had some great relationships with great families here, and I´m going to miss them!! We always promise them that one day we´re gonna come back and visit and they never believe us. If anyone ever wants to visit Yucatan someday, hit me up because I have places to stay! 

Random foods that I ate this week: Corn popsicles (saborines de elote) and Tripa! (Intestines!!) Yes, I finally tried the tacos de tripa! And I have to say, I´m a fan! It basically tastes just like normal beef, but it´s muy suave. We said goodbye to Alejandro and Karla, some of our investigadors that are amazing and just need to get married before they can be baptized. They have a taqueria and they sent me off with tripa because I always made a big fuss about eating it. But it´s super good!

We did some more extreme weeding with a family that we just adore---our convert Mariana and her familia. It was so fun to just spend time serving them and talking about their plans. They want to build a gorgeous house on this property that they have. We sat around in a circle on the ground just eating chips and drinking soda because that´s what you do after hours of weeding. Super fun, and a great family. 

We had a conference in Vallodolid with Presidente. He always bestows us with mucho wisdom, and I learned so much about the importance to just trust in the spirit! We have a member of the Godhead with us constantly!! I´m working on listening and acting better. I know that he can protect us, give us comfort, and lead us to do good works. Doctrine and Covenants 11:15-16 is an amazing verse that really helped me this week. 

Super cool miracle is that my companion is going to be going to Barrio 1 and the elders there are going to be coming to Barrio 2. They´re just doing a flip flop to switch things up a little bit in the wards. But the elders found a family of 12 that accepted to hear the missionaries. We felt bad because we don´t have any new families to teach here...and we were finally able to contact this family of 10!! It´s so interesting how the Lord works. Some missionaries plant seeds, others teach, and others baptize. I´m not going to be here to see how it plays out, but I hope that both families in time can be baptized!!

Other random things that you learn on your mission include how to repair toilets! Definitely a new skill for me. Now it works a little bit better....we still have to use a bucket to flush sometimes, but it´s an improvement, right? Haha!

I can´t believe that I´ve finished my training, that I´m moving on to a different area and a new companion. I´m gonna miss my companion Hermana Medrano so much! She was literally like my Mom here!! I know that the things I´ve learned here are preparation for the rest of my mission and the rest of my life! This time isn´t mine, it´s the Lord's, and if I give my best effort he will make up the difference. When I first came on the plane it took me about half an hour to work up the courage to talk to the person next to me about the gospel. Now I can start up a conversation with anyone and testify. I know that ability is enhanced when I have the spirit. This is the work of El Rescate!! The Rescue!  I encourage you all to look for some small way to share the gospel, to testify, or to help the missonaries in your ward. I know you´ll be blessed for your efforts. :)

As promised here are a bunch of photos! Have a wonderful week!
Hermana Schwartz​

Captions for photos:
1. Extreme Weeding
2. Orejitas and the sister training leaders!
3. I´m dramatic, she´s stubborn. But we both like snickers!
4. Just a little fun with machetes
5. Mariana and her family! (Sandra, Jorge, Alexa y Alexis)
6. cool shadows
7. The piñatas that we made for an Elder that finished his mission. I forgot to tell this story in my big email.....we started to make a pinata by hand and it turned out pretty creepy. So we bought one of a little cartoon girl, chopped of the pigtails, and redecorated it to look like a missionary. Then we brought it to the district meeting and smashed it!!! It was so fun, and poor Elder Walch got whacked by Elder Ocampo because he was holding the pinata. They caught it on video and the Elders are still laughing about it! Also, the pinatas here are intense! The material is super hard and the Elders went crazy trying to destroy the pobre misionerito. 
8. Hermana Lucy and her family (members)
9. Zona Tizimin!
10. The Family Ayala (they are incredible! This family leads everything! Relief Sociey, primary, young womens, priesthood, everything!!)
11. Tacos de Tripa!! Yum!
12. Skirts that Hermana Eva made for us. (Tears! Adios hermana eva!)

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