Thursday, July 20, 2017

5 Months Out Already!

Hola everyone!

How´s everthing going? Cancún is beautiful, super hot and humid, and everyone says it´s just gonna keep getting hotter. I´m starting to wish we could maybe just pass by the beach....just to see it! I haven´t seen the ocean in my whole time here. I completed 5 months on Friday! The time is just flying by and I can´t quite believe it, especially when I hear about all of these other people leaving on missions and getting back! 

We had intercambios this week and I got to go work for one day in the area next to us, it´s called Nichupte. It looks exactly the same so it wasn´t anything too shocking. But it was fun to work with the capacitadora (sister training leader,) because she talks to EVERYONE! It really pushed me to open up and just start inviting people. It was fun because she also showed me a super cool activity to do with investigators. You take 3 cups (tazas) and 3 forks, and you have to get all the forks to touch in the middle. It´s pretty challenging, but there´s a trick. Once you get them connected ,you can put a ton of weight on it---it can hold scriptures! We did it with this one lady, and her face was just filled with awe! It was so cute, haha. The three cups represent prayer, scripture study, and church attendance. With these three things we can build a solid foundation for our lives. :) We also did it with a family with young kids, and their youngest son Marco offered to sit on it to see how strong it reallllly was. Jaja. :)

I´m absolutely too tall to live here in Mexico, I´ve decided. I hit my head on a gate and everyone laughed at me. One time I wore a black shirt to church and a lady commented that I looked like the Grim Reaper because I´m so tall and wore black....gracias. But it´s good!! It´s a fun way to stand out and it´s helping me develop my sense of humor in spanish! I learned the word for "high heels" and told everyone I´m going to wear them next week. ;)

We ate some delicious choco-flan, it´s flan with chocolate cake underneath! The members here are amazing and they always give us food. We also got free carne asada yesterday. I love that stuff. Another new food that we tried were "flautas." Flauta means flute, and they´re basically just fried taquitos. But with crema, guacamole, and tomate? It´s a musical experience. Wow that was a bad pun, sorry everyone. 

In terms of investigators, we finally got this one couple to commit to baptism!! Andres and Izzel are amazing! They´re only problem is they aren´t married, and they keep pushing back the date for their wedding. I suggested to them that maybe they could just get the official paperwork done, get baptized, and then have a big wedding with their family. They were just like, "oh...that´s an option? Sweet, we´ll do it!" I hope they can meet their goal and be baptized in August!! 

I just want to share something cool l learned from the scriptures this week before I sign off! In the book of Alma, there´s this crazy king named Amalakiah. He convinced the Lamanite leader to come down off the hill and then he poisoned him. It´s a bit intense, but I know that´s how Satan works in our lives! He tries to convince us to lower our standards, just a little bit, until we can´t escape. If we never lower our standards, he can´t touch us. In the chapters before this story, Captain Moroni raises the standard of Liberty! That´s how we should be. Wave your standards high and never, ever lower them for anything! If we do this we will be protected and have peace! 

I love you all and hope that you have an excellent week! Email me and tell me about your lives! :)

Mucho amor,
Hermana Schwartz

1. 5 month mark!
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3. Our giant life time supply of pancake mix!!

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